Latex Based Deer Repellent

latex based deer repellent

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I noticed today that someone visited our site after searching in Google with “latex based deer repellent.” I thought I write a bit about that. What latex does is to help the deer repellent stay on the plants and resist washing off due to rain or snow. However the problem is if you covered all the plant with latex then the plant cannot breath. DeerGuardĀ®’s latex formulation is unique and contains micro pores so the plant can breath. The latex formulation stays with the plant but remember that new growth will need to be sprayed. Latex based deer repellents last longer and need to be applied less frequently. For further answer to questions you might have please visit our deer repellent FAQ page and if the answer is not there you can leave a question and we will get back with you. You can always call us with questions as well.

If deer is eating your plants, please browse our site. We have a lot of good resources here in our blog. You can find deer repellent plants, deer repellent recipes and much more. You can also find test results of a variety of deer repellents. Thank you for stopping by.

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