Annual Flowering Deer Repellent Plants Are Attractive And Serve Their Purpose

There are plenty of deer repellent plants but not all of them are equally attractive. People plant these between the flowering and fruit plants that deer find so succulent. In some cases, this creates a garden with much greenery but few flowers. Gardeners who want to add some color should incorporate flowering deer repellent plants. […] Read more »

Add A New Spice To Your Garden With Deer Resistant Plant Marjoram

It might be surprising to some that there are vegetables, fruits, and herbs that repel deer. One would think that the hungry creatures would enjoy all of these treats, but such is not the case. The herb Origanum marjorana, also known as marjoram, is known for its deer deterrent quality. Marjoram is used in flavoring […] Read more »

Forget Tulips, Try Planting Deer Resistant Plant Winter Aconite If You Want Bulbs In Your Garden

Some gardeners enjoy planting a bulb garden because it is a relatively low maintenance way to have flowers each year. Winter Aconite is a bulb plant that contains attractive yellow flowers and it also deters deer. It can be planted between flowers and shrubs that deer enjoy, in order to keep the animals out of […] Read more »

Knowing Which Species Of Deer Reistant Plant Spurge To Plant To Keep Deer Away

Many plants have different species and each can have a unique appearance and different qualities. The plant spurge comes in 2,420 and some are more deer resistant than others. Knowing which species of spurge to plant to keep deer away will mean the difference between a pristine and ravaged garden. With over 2,400 species, the […] Read more »

Deer Resistant Oriental Onion Adds Spring Colors And Keeps The Deer Out

Oriental Onion is a vegetable that serves many purposes for a homeowner. With its green leaf and blanched white stalks, it makes an attractive addition to the garden. It is edible and has a nice flavor, making it a key ingredient in Japanese dishes including stir-fry and tempura. However, perhaps best of all, it is […] Read more »

Deer Resistant Plant Spotted Deadnettle Will Keep Deer Away And Offset Your Garden Mulch

Spotted deadnettle is a very attractive and fast growing perennial that makes a nice ground cover in the garden. In addition, this flowering plant is deer resistant so it will keep the gentle but hungry creatures out of the area. It can be interspersed with hosta and other garden plants that attract deer, in order […] Read more »

Adding Deer Resistant Dwarf Alberta Spruce To Your Landscaping To Deter Deer From Your Garden

In addition to shrubs, plants, and flowers that deter deer, there are trees that serve this purpose. The dwarf Alberta Spruce tree is rarely damaged by deer and it makes a dynamic addition to the outside of the home. The rough foliage on the tree is not appealing to deer, so they will rarely snack […] Read more »

Deer Resistant Purple Coneflower: Looks Pretty, But The Deer Will Stay Away

There are many types of deer resistant plants but some add much more flair to the yard than others. Several plants that repel deer have only plain green flowers and there are only so many varieties of these that can be included in the garden. The deer resistant plant purple coneflower is a much more […] Read more »

The Look And Feel Of Deer Resistant Mugo Pine Will Keep The Deer Away

No plant or flower is deer proof, but some are more effective than others at deterring deer year round. Deer seldom touch the shrub mugo pine when it is planted in the yard. This attractive evergreen makes a nice addition to the yard and serves a beneficial purpose. The cone-bearing mugo pine comes in several […] Read more »