Some Of The Most Effective Deer Resistant Plants

Agricultural experts sometimes rank landscape plants according to their resistance to damage by deer. Doing so helps consumers find exactly what they need for their yards. Some organizations allow the public to browse deer resistant plants by rating category. Though no plant is deer proof, a plant in the “rarely damaged” category stands the best […] Read more »

Butterfly Bushes Make Attractive Deer Resistant Plants

Some butterfly bushes keep deer away while attracting beautiful butterflies. Their colorful, large, fragrant-smelling flowers attract droves of the delicate winged creatures. The garden will smell nice and serve as a temporary home for many species of butterflies while deer dine elsewhere. Incorporate some varieties of buddleia into the garden and watch the area come […] Read more »

Making Homemade Deer Repellent For Fruit Trees

Deer like to nibble on fruit trees almost as much as humans love to nibble on the fruit they bear. If the yard contains fruit trees and deer are local to the area, these trees will quickly become a snack for hungry deer. One way to keep deer out of the yard is to install […] Read more »

Positive And Negative Aspects Of Electronic Deer Repellent

An electronic deer repellent is a scare-type deterrent for deer that wander into the yard. It emits a loud sound and may include visual effects and motion detection. Deer get the message, running from the area to escape the stimulants. This type of deer deterrent has both positive and negative aspects that should be considered […] Read more »

Budget-Friendly Deer Fencing

If homemade deer repellent fails to keep deer from nibbling on plants and flowers, a more substantial repellent method may be needed. Deer fencing prevents deer from entering the yard in the first place. Some deer fencing products are very expensive, making them financially infeasible for budget-constrained homeowners. However, there are also effective deer fences […] Read more »

Homemade Deer Repellent Comes In Many Forms

To keep deer away from the yard, homeowners can purchase products or make their own. Many commercial products contain the same ingredients used in homemade concoctions. It is much more cost-effective for someone to make homemade deer repellent than purchase products from stores year after year. When people make the repellent themselves, they know exactly […] Read more »

Types Of Electronic Deer Repellent

For years, people have been concocting homemade deer repellent and incorporating deer resistant plants in their gardens to deter the four-footed creatures. Deer repellent recipes include pungent ingredients like garlic, eggs, and hot sauce, which can create quite an odor in the yard. Not to mention the fact that no one wants to eat fruits […] Read more »