Electronic Deer Repellent From Havahart

The electronic method of repelling deer has become extremely popular. Frustrated homeowners use electronic deer repellent to supplement the natural means of deterring deer. By combining several different approaches to keeping deer out of the yard, a homeowner is usually more successful. Modern-day electronic repellents like those from Havahart are effective without being an eyesore. […] Read more »

Overview Of The Deer Gard Electronic Deer Repeller

Keeping deer out of the yard does not need to involve a cookbook of deer repellent recipes and hours in the kitchen preparing these concoctions. Ultrasonic electronic deer repellent devices like the Deer Gard Electronic Deer Repeller work just as well and are easy to install. This product costs about $40 and lasts much longer […] Read more »

Electronic Deer Repellent Pros And Cons

Deer look adorable when they are walking through the woods. They are not so attractive when they reach your garden and destroy your plants, flowers, and vegetables. What once looked like Bambi quickly takes on the appearance of a destructive beast. Construction is encroaching on rural deer habitats at a record pace and adding to […] Read more »

Positive And Negative Aspects Of Electronic Deer Repellent

An electronic deer repellent is a scare-type deterrent for deer that wander into the yard. It emits a loud sound and may include visual effects and motion detection. Deer get the message, running from the area to escape the stimulants. This type of deer deterrent has both positive and negative aspects that should be considered […] Read more »

Budget-Friendly Deer Fencing

If homemade deer repellent fails to keep deer from nibbling on plants and flowers, a more substantial repellent method may be needed. Deer fencing prevents deer from entering the yard in the first place. Some deer fencing products are very expensive, making them financially infeasible for budget-constrained homeowners. However, there are also effective deer fences […] Read more »

Types Of Electronic Deer Repellent

For years, people have been concocting homemade deer repellent and incorporating deer resistant plants in their gardens to deter the four-footed creatures. Deer repellent recipes include pungent ingredients like garlic, eggs, and hot sauce, which can create quite an odor in the yard. Not to mention the fact that no one wants to eat fruits […] Read more »

The Downsides To Deer Repellent Methods

There is no perfect method to preventing deer from coming on a property or chewing up plants in a garden. Many people think a fence will do just this but unless you are willing for the yard or garden to look like the county jail, this simply is not going to happen. Deer have been […] Read more »

Water Powered Deer Repellent For Plants

With the state of the planet now, everyone is doing their part to keep it “greener.” This means recycling, using less energy and doing their utmost not to add chemicals into the environment whether they are airborne or introduced into the soil. More gardeners have gone to natural methods to keep deer away from their […] Read more »