Benefits And Drawbacks Of Homemade Deer Repellent

When deer venture into a yard and find some plants to munch, they are likely to return. In some cases, this area will become the local hangout for the four-footed animals. Some people purchase a deer fence or commercial sprays to deter the creatures. The most industrious gardeners may choose to address the deer problem […] Read more »

Some Of The Most Effective Deer Resistant Plants

Agricultural experts sometimes rank landscape plants according to their resistance to damage by deer. Doing so helps consumers find exactly what they need for their yards. Some organizations allow the public to browse deer resistant plants by rating category. Though no plant is deer proof, a plant in the “rarely damaged” category stands the best […] Read more »

Making Homemade Deer Repellent For Fruit Trees

Deer like to nibble on fruit trees almost as much as humans love to nibble on the fruit they bear. If the yard contains fruit trees and deer are local to the area, these trees will quickly become a snack for hungry deer. One way to keep deer out of the yard is to install […] Read more »

Homemade Deer Repellent Comes In Many Forms

To keep deer away from the yard, homeowners can purchase products or make their own. Many commercial products contain the same ingredients used in homemade concoctions. It is much more cost-effective for someone to make homemade deer repellent than purchase products from stores year after year. When people make the repellent themselves, they know exactly […] Read more »

Annual Flowering Deer Repellent Plants Are Attractive And Serve Their Purpose

There are plenty of deer repellent plants but not all of them are equally attractive. People plant these between the flowering and fruit plants that deer find so succulent. In some cases, this creates a garden with much greenery but few flowers. Gardeners who want to add some color should incorporate flowering deer repellent plants. […] Read more »

Some Deer Repellent Recipes For Use This Spring

Start gathering your deer repellent supplies because the deer will soon be here. Deer resistant plants do a good job of keeping the creatures from nibbling on other plants and flowers. Sometimes, additional defense mechanisms such as homemade deer repellent are needed. The most popular deer repellent recipes are easy to follow and require only […] Read more »

Spring Is Upon Us- Time For Deer Repellent Strategies

Spring is just weeks away and the deer will soon be emerging from their forest homes. As the frost burns off the plants and shrubs, people head to the garden store to purchase beautiful spring flowers. Soon, these become tasty treats for hungry deer that have lived on little food throughout the cold winter months. […] Read more »

Blue Fescue Makes Your Garden Area Look Great And Keeps The Deer Away

Of the many ways to keep deer out of the garden, most are either costly or potentially dangerous to the deer or other animals entering the area. Using blue fescue is an organic way to deter deer from the garden. This ornamental grass makes a nice addition to the garden and repels deer in an […] Read more »

Spicing Up Natural Deer Repellent Recipes

There are many great chemical based deer repellent on the market that both work well and are environmentally friendly. Many gardeners, however, still feel the need to move along the all natural approach when it comes to keeping deer and other animals from turning their plants into dinner. The recipes for the natural deer repellents […] Read more »