Deer Repellent Plants Can Save A Garden

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For many people, their garden is their pride and joy.  They spend hours upon hours, year after year cultivating, feeding and adding plants to create their own earthbound work of art.  To have an intruder, such as deer, come in and ruin this labor of love can be devastating to say the least.

A proper garden takes some planning in which plants should go where and what type of plants are actually going to be used.  It is in this stage that the smart gardener can make the decision to plant a few deer resistant varieties in and around the garden.  This will aid in keeping the deer at bay and possibly getting in and destroying the ones that they might actually find to be worth eating.

The majority of deer resistant plants will fit neatly into any gardening scheme that one may dream up.  A vegetable garden with the right types of plants can provide year after year of a decent harvest while minimizing peripheral damage.  The gardener starts by keeping the deer out with the creation of a natural perimeter, then the plants within the perimeter will not be damaged.

This perimeter can come in the form of shrubs and trees that can withstand an assault by a deer and maintain the integrity of the interior garden.  A row of rosebushes or holly bushes all round the outside of a garden will maintain a virtually impassable thicket that will deter deer and other woodland creatures from entering a garden.  There are also wide varieties of trees that can accomplish the same purpose in resisting damage from deer.

Many gardeners will opt for simply installing a fence around the garden.  A fence, while being good protection, does not add anything to the garden in the way of aesthetics.  Imagine if you will, a garden ringed by rosebushes of alternating colors when they are in full bloom.  There is not a more beautiful fence found anywhere in nature.

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