Deer Resistant Plants And Trees Can Make A Landscape

Quite a few people live in areas that are plagued by roving bands of deer. They can devastate a yard or garden pretty quickly if steps are not taken to prevent this. One good way to help cut down on the damage is to choose plants and trees that the deer simply will not mess with.

There are quite a few varieties of trees that are very deer resistant and can spruce up a landscape nicely. By planting these around a perimeter where deer tend to attempt to enter a property, a lot of damage can be avoided. There are flowering trees such as the Japanese Flowering Cherry tree and the China Berry tree that are both beautiful and quite nasty when it comes to deer.

For those just looking to populate a grove and keep it looking good, there are many other varieties that work quite well. The Douglas Fir and the Colorado Blue Spruce can be planted to help keep the deer from ruining what could be a beautiful shaded area for the family.  The Dragon Lady, San Jose and American Holly trees provide a natural barrier to deer while adding great color to an area.

Magnolias, cedars and dogwoods make up quite a large number of the deer resistant trees available. Birch is yet another one deer tend to leave alone along with pine trees in general. This wide selection should make it quite easy to landscape an area where deer are prevalent.

By taking a trip to your local computer, all the different varieties of these trees can be found. This will also aid you in finding which ones will thrive in the area of the country you live in. Take the time to do some research and you and your property will be very happy for years to come.

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