Protecting Your Garden From Intrusion By Deer

Fallow Deer
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A garden, particularly one in a rural area, can be plagued by a multitude of woodland creatures.  The most devastating of these is going to be the deer.  The age-old battle of gardener versus deer sometimes may seem like a losing one, but protecting a garden can be accomplished in a variety of inexpensive ways.

Dear will habitually nibble on just about every plant they come across and devastate the majority of the surrounding ones once they focus on a single plant.  The deer is an amazingly surefooted creature, except it seems, when it comes to the plants in a garden.  Then they turn into the proverbial steamroller in breaking and crushing literally every plant in sight.

The obvious choice for protecting a garden is to install a fence.  For some this may be an easy option but for the majority of gardeners out there, it is a very expensive one due to the size of their garden.  Any attempt to do this cheaply by running a wire fence with lightweight poles usually result in the deer simply knocking the poles down and getting to the garden anyway.

Deer repellent is probably a more inexpensive alternative to putting up a chain-link or strand wire fence.  There are plenty of commercial grade deer repellents available that are reasonably priced.  The majority of these are applied by simply spraying them on the plants or around the general area to keep the deer from damaging them.

Another option that might sound a bit silly but works well enough for the national Forest Service to use is to hang bars of deodorant soap on trees and shrubs around the area.  This is decidedly the cheapest method of keeping deer out of the area as a single bar of deodorant soap costs around a dollar.  It is even possible to combine one or more methods to virtually deer-proof your garden.

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