The Daffodil Adds Color And Protection To Your Garden

Deer view many plants, flowers, and vegetables in the garden as a tasty snack to compliment their normal forest diet. However, not all flowers strongly attract deer and some actually repel the creatures. The daffodil is a pretty flower that adds beauty to the garden and deters deer.

The daffodil is a bulb that grows and blooms during late winter and early spring. Most of these flowers thrive in partial shade to full sun conditions and in soil that is well drained. Yellow, white, and orange are common colors of daffodils and some varieties contain a combination of these colors within the flower itself.

These flowers make a great addition to the garden because they are quite attractive. The bulbs may be purchased online or at a local garden center. There are between 40 and 200 different species of daffodils, so the gardener is bound to find one in most stores. Once planted, daffodils require little care and will re-bloom each year. Gardeners should cut back the stalk and leaves once the flower has died.

Experts rank daffodils as being highly effective at deterring deer. Although no plant is totally deer proof, incorporating daffodils with other deer deterrent methods should help keep deer out of the area. These flowers can be interspersed between plants that deer love to eat in order to keep the creatures from attacking those.

Incorporating the annual plant daffodil into the garden will add a splash of bright color to the area and keep deer away. This serves as a totally natural way to keep the garden from being viewed as a meal by the local deer population. The gardener can view the beauty of the landscaping and feel comfortable that no deer were harmed by this deterrent method.

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