Using “Basket Of Gold” In Your Garden To Deter Deer

Hungry deer can wander into a garden and destroy it by nibbling on plants and flowers. No plants or bushes are guaranteed to repel deer, but some have strong deterrent qualities. Using the perennial “Basket of Gold” in your garden to deter deer is one method that should prove effective.

Basket of Gold (or Aurinia saxatilis) grows 6-15 inches tall, loves the sun, and tends to grow where least expected, like in paver cracks. This plant yields an abundance of attractive yellow flowers in varying shades dependent upon variety. It can be used in a container garden, flowerbeds, and garden borders. Since it forms a dense mat that is low to the ground, it is often used as a ground cover or included in rock gardens.

The flowers bloom in early spring and once they are gone the greenish-gray leaves remain. Though this plant is drought tolerant, it also does well in wet soil. However, it is not well suited to hot and humid areas so it is best not used in gardens in the Southern U.S.

There are several different varieties of this plant and they vary in height and bloom color. Citrinia grows ten to 15 inches tall and yields lemon yellow colored flowers, while Compacta grows only eight to ten inches tall and sports clear yellow blooms. When incorporated into a garden, most varieties of this plant will result in the area being unharmed by deer.

Using Basket of Gold in your garden to deter deer is just one method of deer repellent. There are also chemical repellents that keep deer away due to either their taste or odor. These products may be sprayed on non-bearing fruit trees, ornamental shrubs, or plants. Using deer repellent sprays, fencing in the garden, and incorporating deer repellent shrubs and plants will do a great job to keep the area deer-free.

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