Using Cactus To Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden

Spring is here and the flowers and trees are bursting with new growth. Nature surrounds us, including the hungry neighboring deer who would just love to munch on the garden’s pretty flowers foliage. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed method to prevent deer from entering the garden and having a snack. However, there are recommended ways to deter deer from entering the area and incorporating some cactus plants into the garden is one of these.

A deer can destroy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of plants and flowers in a single meal. During times of drought, the damage done can be even worse. Deer love to munch on flowers like roses as well as the leaves, shoots, and twigs of landscape plants, trees, and shrubs. Plants that contain prickly foliage, such as the cactus, serve as a great deterrent and these can be easily incorporated into the garden area.

The prickly pear cactus is a yellow flower-bearing perennial that grows about six to fourteen inches tall and spans about two to three inches in diameter. The barbs on the cactus will make deer back off and the prickly pear is drought-resistant, making it a good choice for well-drained locations that experience full sun. This type of cactus is the only variety commonly found in the eastern United States.

The prickly pear may be planted between shrubs and flowers that the deer would otherwise find attractive. The thorns on the prickly pear are just as their name implies, very prickly. They cause pain to any animal or human who touches or steps on them. One puncture is enough to present the area from being approached again.

There are other types of attractive cactus plants that may be used in the garden to deter deer, but the prickly pear cactus is regarded as the most effective. Prickly pears yield pretty yellow flowers, making them a colorful addition to the landscape. The deer will avoid the area containing these barbed plants and the garden will stay pristine and beautiful.

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