“Keep Off The Grass”: Deer Resistant Ornamental Grasses For The Yard

Landscaping a yard can be a labor of love along with a real pain if there are deer in the area. Deer like nothing better than to take a nibble at anything that may smell good to them. This can make choosing plants and trees a bit of a hassle for some gardeners and home landscapers.

Deer, when turned away from trees and vegetable gardens by the use of spray on repellents, will turn to browsing the grass in the area for sustenance. There are ways to prevent them from tearing up the yard without having to spray down the entire property. There are many varieties of ornamental grasses that can be used for ground cover and deer will shy away from the completely.

The majority of these types or grasses can be found in the East and Northeast of the United States. New Jersey is home to more than 30 varieties of these grasses that deer avoid at all costs. Japanese Sweet Flag, Feather Reed Grass, Blue Fescue are just a few that are found around the Garden state.

Moving further west from New Jersey, there are quite a few varieties available in the Lone Star state. Texas hosts some of the nastier varieties of these grasses in that they are toxic to the deer and will definitely not be nibbled on. These varieties are not toxic but are native to Texas and they are Blue Muhly, Buffalo Grass and Sideoats Grama, among others.

The majority of these grasses can be used almost anywhere in the country but some research should be done before planting any variety. There is plenty of information online regarding these and which areas of the country that they will thrive.  Take some time to look around on the Internet to find the one that suits your needs and particular area of the country.

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