2011 Deer Hunting Proposed Changes Irk Some Hunters In Indiana

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is proposing changes to the rules regarding deer hunting seasons. An Indystar.com columnist wrote about information contained in a relevant news release and was lambasted by several readers. Though he was accused of simply publishing an IDNR news release and being biased, he believes what most upset his readers was his thought that the proposed changes were not really in the proposed state, they were a done deal.

His thoughts on this topic were based on public meetings regarding the rule changes. They were also derived from the fact that the changes were approved by the Natural Resources Commission, IDNR wildlife biologists, and several hunting groups influential within Indiana. Some readers feel these hunting organizations do not hold opinions corresponding to the populations they represent.

One reader stated that a movement and shortening of the deer hunting season will actually decrease the number of deer killed annually. The IDNR proposal includes shortening each of the muzzleloader and firearms seasons from 16 days to nine days. In addition, a two day antlerless season is proposed for certain counties in October and an additional eight days in December throughout the state.

Within its news release, the IDNR requested that hunters use its Web site to express their opinions. They were barraged with quite a few comments, a lot of them not very positive. The author of the Indystar.com article who previously thought the proposed rule changes were all but finalized also got an education. He learned that the IDNR has five public meetings scheduled for August, so things might not be as final as he once thought.

The goal of these meetings, scheduled for various locations throughout the state, is a sharing of information regarding the proposed regulations. Public hearings for the proposal will occur in early 2011, so these other conversations need to take place quickly. IDNR also wants to use these meetings to clarify the reasons the new regulations were proposed, in order to clear up any misunderstandings.

Source:  Hess, Skip. Indystar.com. Some Indiana deer hunters oppose rule proposals.

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