Add A New Spice To Your Garden With Deer Resistant Plant Marjoram

It might be surprising to some that there are vegetables, fruits, and herbs that repel deer. One would think that the hungry creatures would enjoy all of these treats, but such is not the case. The herb Origanum marjorana, also known as marjoram, is known for its deer deterrent quality.

Marjoram is used in flavoring meats and breads and was traditionally used within the Middle East, its native area. This herb is also an ingredient in body care products such as lotion, shaving gel, and body wash. For eating purposes, it has a spicy taste and is often confused with oregano, but marjoram is milder and sweeter.

This highly scented herb gets tiny purple or white flowers in the late spring to early summer, adding a pretty touch to the garden. It grows one to two feet and both the flowers and the leaves are harvested for seasoning purposes. Marjoram is considered a perennial in warmer climates, but its lack of hardiness sometimes makes it an annual in colder zones. This herb is very easy to grow and does well in poor to average soil conditions with full sun. It will also grow well in containers as long as they are placed in areas with a lot of sunshine.

The variegated and creeping varieties of this plant make an even prettier addition to the garden than the traditional type. However, these are not as flavorful as the original version, making them less useful as a cooking herb. Marjoram makes a great addition to recipes that include meat, vegetables, fish, chicken, eggs, and cheese.

Using marjoram in the garden will provide a pretty scene, a nice herb to use when cooking, and a way to keep deer out of the area. This mild, sweet tasting herb is included in a wide variety of recipes for most foods except desserts. It is easily grown in many areas of the country as long as there is average soil and full sun in the garden.

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