Adding Color And Protection To Your Garden With Deer Resistant Plant Common Yarrow

In order to keep deer out of the garden and provide some benefits to the family, use the deer resistant plant common yarrow. This perennial yields several stems with leaves and white or pink flowers. Not only will it deter deer, it has medicinal purposes and will attract butterflies, making it a conversation piece in the yard.

The feathery leaves of this plant grow evenly along the stems. The flowers bloom during May and June, the time when the garden area tends to be most lively. The butterflies are attracted to the beautiful, delicate flowers.

Common yarrow is drought tolerant and grows well in most areas of the United States. It should be planted in soil that is well drained, in order to avoid getting root rot or mildew. To extend the life of this plant, divide it every other year and plant the offshoots approximately twelve to eighteen inches apart.

This plant has uses other than acting as a deer deterrent. It has long been used as a healing herb to treat cuts, wounds, and abrasions. Yarrow was also an ingredient of gruit, a herbal concoction developed in the Middle Ages. Before hops replaced it, gruit was used to flavor beer. Yarrow also served as a popular vegetable in the seventeenth century. It can be cooked in a manner similar to spinach, served in soup, or the dried leaves may be used as a cooking herb.

The deer resistant plant common yarrow contains pretty white or pink flowers that make it a nice addition to the garden. This drought tolerant plant also has a place in healing and at the dinner table. Though deer will find it unappealing, humans may enjoy it in their soup or as a vegetable side dish.

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