Adding Deer Resistant Dwarf Alberta Spruce To Your Landscaping To Deter Deer From Your Garden

In addition to shrubs, plants, and flowers that deter deer, there are trees that serve this purpose. The dwarf Alberta Spruce tree is rarely damaged by deer and it makes a dynamic addition to the outside of the home. The rough foliage on the tree is not appealing to deer, so they will rarely snack in the area in which it is planted.

This cone-bearing evergreen tree will reach about six to eight feet tall and spans four to five feet wide. It is slow growing, so it may take several years before it is fully developed. The green needles are soft to the touch and this conifer can serve double duty as a mini Christmas tree.

The dwarf Alberta Spruce is a dense tree so it can be used as a privacy device in areas of partial to full sun. Alternatively, it can be shaped and used as a topiary because it grows well in containers. It looks great either in the garden or behind a waterfall or fountain in the yard.

Not only is the dwarf Alberta Spruce deer resistant, it attracts birds, making it a nice focal point in the perimeter of the home. During its first year, it should be watered on a regular basis so that a deep root system will develop. Once the roots are established, the amount of watering may be reduced. This tree should be fertilized each spring and pruned each winter.

The deer resistant dwarf Alberta Spruce is an attractive tree that does not require much space and can even be planted in containers. Its evergreen, cone bearing quality gives it an attractive presence in the yard all year. Whether used as a privacy device or a topiary, deer will usually stay away from this dwarf tree.

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