Annual Flowering Deer Repellent Plants Are Attractive And Serve Their Purpose

There are plenty of deer repellent plants but not all of them are equally attractive. People plant these between the flowering and fruit plants that deer find so succulent. In some cases, this creates a garden with much greenery but few flowers. Gardeners who want to add some color should incorporate flowering deer repellent plants.

Annual plants usually germinate, flower, and die within one year or growing season. Using these in the yard allows a gardener to give the area an entirely new look each year. Annual Vinca is one deer repellent plant that gets an attractive flower. The demure blooms of the periwinkle family of Vinca Minor are a bluish-purple with white accents.

Ageratum is another attractive flowering annual that repels deer. It has a puff-like bluish-purple flower that grows on a long stem. Snapdragons come in various colors and are effective at repelling deer. Since they are so easy to grow, they are often incorporated into children’s gardens. Forget-me-nots feature lovely blue blooms but also keep deer away from the area.

Those who love sweet-smelling plants should consider the anise plant. This flowering plant grows about three feet tall and features dense clusters of white flowers. Rosemary is another fragrant deer resistant plant and it features evergreen-like leaves and flowers that are blue, purple, pink, or white. Rosemary loves heat and when grown near the water, it requires only the humidity from the sea breeze to thrive.

Those who prefer a garden that has a wildflower-like appearance should consider the Spider Flower. This plant is rarely touched by dear and features long protruding stems from which purple flowers bloom. Poppies are very beautiful, with flowers that have between four and six petals of nearly any color, some with markings. Any of these annual flowering deer repellent plants will make the yard more attractive.

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