Avoid Using Candy Lily In Your Garden

There are many types of deer resistant plants that can be used in the garden to keep deer away. Unfortunately, the candy lily plant is not one of them. Deer love this high-protein plant and their munching occasionally causes severe damage to the little beauty.

The candy lily plant is a pretty perennial that sports flowers in a variety of colors. The plant resembles an iris and grows approximately three feet tall. The blooms arrive during the middle of summer through the fall. Blooms are approximately two inches in diameter and are a beautiful sight.

These plants are quite durable, so heat and drought are not an issue for them. Candy lily is a very appropriate name for this lovely blooming plant. Colors such as blue, yellow, purple, red, white, pink, and orange will begin to appear the first year after planting. The flowers have a variety of patterns including polka dots and stripes.

If you cannot resist using this plant in the garden, despite knowing that deer will consider it a sweet treat, intersperse some plants that deter deer. There are also some guidelines to follow to ensure the most satisfactory results from this lily. Candy lilies grow best in full sun to part shade and in dry normal or loamy soil. United States growing zones five to ten feature the most suitable conditions. This exotic little plant requires little care other than occasional watering and it frequently self-seeds.

The amount of deer damage inflicted on enticing plants like candy lily will vary with the seasons. Deer tend to be out in full force during the spring and summer seasons but their damage is usually most severe when very cold and snowy weather reduces the availability of food. Therefore, it is important to have deer resistant plants in the garden all year long.

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