Beautiful, Deer Resistant Poppies For The Garden

Every garden can benefit from a little color and poppies are just the flower to deliver it. Whether they are of the annual or perennial variety, flowering poppies feature four to six petals of nearly any color. Bees get their pollen from the stamens within the center of the flower but deer generally leave these plants untouched, allowing them to burst into glorious color.

Deer resistant plants like poppies are very versatile due to the many color varieties. Whether the gardener wants red, coral, pink, white, yellow, or purple, these will be easy to find. This is just a sampling of the colors available, allowing every side of the house to contain a different color scheme. If the gardener is undecided, these lovely plants can be grown in pots and relocated.

Plant height varies depending on species, ranging anywhere from 12 to 40 inches tall. These plants love full sun, perfect for those sun-filled gardens in which many other plants cannot survive. In general, plants should be placed between 12 and 18 inches apart, depending on type. Poppies flourish in U.S. hardiness zones three through seven and are frequently sold in two or four-inch pots.

The papaver orientale species of plant has flowers that look like crepe paper tulips. Even when deer nibble on the new foliage that appears in the fall, which they rarely do, brilliant flowers still appear during spring. By the end of June, the foliage is dormant so poppies should be planted among late blooming, slow-starter plants.

Many deer repellent plants cannot claim to be as attractive as poppies. The “King Kong” variety is especially breathtaking, growing an amazing 40 inches tall and featuring orange-red flowers. Gardeners can even find poppies featuring flowers with different colored borders, such as a red poppy with a white ring around the petals.

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