Blue Fescue Makes Your Garden Area Look Great And Keeps The Deer Away

Of the many ways to keep deer out of the garden, most are either costly or potentially dangerous to the deer or other animals entering the area. Using blue fescue is an organic way to deter deer from the garden. This ornamental grass makes a nice addition to the garden and repels deer in an effective manner.

The use of blue fescue in the yard and in the garden will keep deer from chewing on plants, flowers, vegetables, and grass. Blue fescue serves as a nice ground cover and, like most ornamental grasses, it deters deer. This grass is commonly found in the eastern and northeastern areas of the United States. However, it can be planted almost anywhere in the country as long as the conditions are right.

Ornamental grasses such as blue fescue provide both structure and movement to the locations where they are planted. They blow gently in the breeze and may even produce a slight rustling sound. Blue fescue in particular is also pretty to behold because it forms small mounds of foliage and yields flowers.

Blue fescue is very low maintenance, requiring only occasional weeding and trimming during the late spring.  The grass grows mainly during the cooler seasons and produces narrow blue/green foliage that extends four to eight inches in length. It yields six to ten inch light green flowers during May and June. Blue fescue grows best when planted in areas that experience light shade to full sun and have moist, well-drained soil. When planted in shady areas, blue fescue is very drought tolerant.

To deter deer, consider using blue fescue to edge the borders of the garden or intersperse it amongst the plants and flowers. It makes a nice accompaniment to purple-leaved plants and plants used in rock gardens. This semi-evergreen will provide a nice blue-green color to the garden all year long and will produce attractive green flowers in the late spring.

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