Budget-Friendly Deer Fencing

If homemade deer repellent fails to keep deer from nibbling on plants and flowers, a more substantial repellent method may be needed. Deer fencing prevents deer from entering the yard in the first place. Some deer fencing products are very expensive, making them financially infeasible for budget-constrained homeowners. However, there are also effective deer fences that are wallet-friendly.

De Witt Company makes seven by 100 foot deer fence netting that sells for under $30. The ¾-inch polypropylene mesh net is environmentally safe and is treated to resist UV rays. Simply secure it to poles placed around the perimeter of the yard and the deer should not enter. The material is not an eyesore and will protect the yard without the need to build a wood fence.

A sturdy black deer fence that measures seven by 100 feet is manufactured by Landware and available for just over $100. This plastic two by 2.25 inch square mesh fencing will not corrode or rust and mimics the texture of welded wire or cloth. Each square features knots at all corners and natural light can permeate due to the optimal visibility feature.

These fences can be difficult for children to see, creating the potential for injury. Some parents prefer a safety fence like the Tenax Orange five by 50 foot fence offered by Sentry Secura for under $50. This orange fence features an attractive diamond mesh design and smooth upper and lower borders. Children will easily be able to identify the boundaries of the yard when this fencing is installed.

When deer fencing is used, homeowners can stop collecting deer repellent recipes because these will not be needed. Deer will not enter the yard to get close enough to the precious flowers and plants. Homeowners can reclaim their properties without breaking the bank and the deer can look elsewhere for their next meal.

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