Butterfly Bushes Make Attractive Deer Resistant Plants

Some butterfly bushes keep deer away while attracting beautiful butterflies. Their colorful, large, fragrant-smelling flowers attract droves of the delicate winged creatures. The garden will smell nice and serve as a temporary home for many species of butterflies while deer dine elsewhere. Incorporate some varieties of buddleia into the garden and watch the area come alive.

Though buddleia is a shrub, it should be treated like a perennial in cold-winter zones. In the spring, it can be pruned back to live wood, nearly to the ground. In the south, it should be pruned to two feet. This shrub grows quickly and features showy blooms beginning in midsummer and lasting through autumn. Blooms come in shades of purple, white, orange, blue, and pink.

Most of these deer resistant plants will grow well in full sun within zones five through nine. Some types grow to between four and five feet, while others reach between six and eight feet tall. Plants should be spaced four to five feet apart to allow for spreading. These plants range in price from about $8.00 to $30.00 depending on type and pot size.

One very attractive variety that is new for 2011 is Flutterby Petite Blue Heaven, a dwarf plant that grows only two to three feet tall. This plant can be grown in zones five to ten. Due to its compact growth habit, it can serve as a filler plant in a mixed container, a groundcover, or a feature in front of a border.

Buddleia deer repellent plants are both low-water tolerant and low maintenance, so a green thumb is not needed. There are several new styles for 2011, including one with an orange flower called Sweet Marmalade and the dwarf Flutterby Petite Snow White. Since most feature complementary colored flowers, a few of these plants can be incorporated into the same area.

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