Deer Hunting Plan Put On Hold In NY’s Croton-On-Hudson

A plan to allow hunters in the Hudson River village of Croton-On-Hudson to hunt with bows and arrows has been delayed. The plan faced a large amount of opposition, so village leaders opted to delay it. They will now study the issue a bit more before proposing next steps.

The controversy over the issue continued this week as people signed petitions, wrote letters, posted advertisements, and made emotional speeches at the Village Hall. Mayor Leo Wiegman appointed an ad-hoc committee to take a closer examination into the issue. The group will consider nonlethal alternatives to ridding the area of deer.

The bow hunting proposal was revealed in August and has been met with mounting opposition.

The mayor now plans to delay a vote on hunting until early 2011. A proposal to permit hunting from tree stands within three nature preserves within the village is still up for vote. The mayor reports that deer overpopulation is depleting forests and causing damage to other wildlife.

Mayor Wiegman stated, “The public has asked for more input. We’re going to need time to put people together. Whether they have an alternative that will be viable remains to be seen.” Walter Plotch, chair of the Citizens Committee Against the Bow Hunt, stated “We welcome the postponement.” He called for the exploration of more humane ways to deal with the overpopulation issue, like chemical contraception.

In their letters and speeches, some of those who oppose the bow hunting measures referenced local elections next spring. They hinted at a potential backlash against bow hunting supporters. Democrats currently hold all Board of Trustees seats, although recent elections reveal narrow margins. The mayor stated that he was not concerned about any political ramifications stemming from this deer issue. He said the topic was being approached as “a resource management question” that, as mayor, he has a responsibility to address.

Source:  Marchant, Robert. Croton deer hunting plan delayed.

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