Deer Repellent Fencing For Plants And Trees

Deer can pretty much ruin a garden or yard given the opportunity. The trick is to keep them as far away from plants and trees as possible.  There are several ways to accomplish this and the most effective and popular is the fence, right?

Fences have their good points and their bad ones, depending on the type installed. You can put up a stockade type fence, which may keep the deer out but blocks any view that you may have or early morning and late evening sunlight. This can be detrimental to the plants around the perimeter of the garden and if it is an entire piece of property that needs protection, very, very costly.

Stepping it down a notch we come to chain link fencing, which lets in the light and protects the area at a slightly lower cost than the stockade fence. The average chain link fence is four feet high and might as well not be there when it comes to deer. They have been known to leap over an eight-foot high fence when it suits them.

Chain link can be run up to six or eight feet, then the cost begin to rise also. However, a method for installing chain link fencing or other types has been proven to keep deer out. The trick is to angle the fence outwards and have it about five to six feet high. Deer will not jump over something that is angled in this fashion, making a five-foot fence much more effective.

For those who simply cannot go through the expense of replacing their existing fence but still have deer issues, there are an option or two available to them. Rather than electrify the fence, simple cheesecloth bags of deodorant soap pieces, hung at intervals along the fence will keep the deer well away from the property edge and aid in the effectiveness of any fence already in place.

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