Deer Repellent Landscaping Time Is Upon The Country

Now is the time to put some forethought into your spring planting to help prevent the woodland population from turning it into a salad bar.  By choosing the perennials and shrubs, a gardener or landscaper can plan ahead to fight off the local animal population in the latter months of the year. This is a simple procedure and only takes a little thought and research.

The Internet holds a wealth of information regarding these plants and their uses. The one thing that must be kept in mind is that the plants that are chosen must thrive in the area. It does no good to buy a plant just because deer will not eat it if they will not live to aid in protecting the other plants.

There are bushes in particular that are able to keep the deer at bay and look great doing it. Holly is one that will keep deer out of an area with its thorny leaves and its naturally thick foliage. This makes a great natural fence around a yard or garden and costs quite a bit less than a standard chain link one.

Barberry is another great choice for a natural fence or barrier. This plant comes fully equipped with thousands of tiny thorns that do the same job as the holly. Its maroon foliage looks great as an accent to any area and is very effective in keeping the critters away.

All this takes is some planning and a little forward thinking. A landscape design can have many different looks that will accomplish repelling deer and other animals and not stray too far from what the gardener is looking for. By going online and looking around, the smart individual can get the exact result they are going for and come up with a lasting look for their entire property.

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