Plants That Are Deer Resistant – They Repel Deer

Blue Danube / Blue Hawaii / Ageratum houstonianum / カッコウアザミ / アゲラタム
Creative Commons License photo credit: TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋)

Here are some excellent websites on the web that go into all the details of deer repellent plants. If you are looking for them, I am sure these sites will guide you nicely. This one is from

Here is the page that talks about deer resistant plants. The author listed quite a variety and has some good information you can review.

This one is from Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (that is a long name). What is interesting with this list of deer repellent plants is that the list is dynamic. The deer repellent plants are rated by criteria, such as “rarely damaged,” “seldom,” “occasionally,” and “frequently.” You can also select the plant type you are interested in. Very nicely done. Click here and visit their site to see the list of deer repellent plants.

Here is a very extensive read on deer repellent plants. The title of the page is CAMOUFLAGE GARDENING. If you find other sites that you think can help others, please submit a comment to this post.

If deer is eating your plants and trees, give our professional grade, deer repellent a try. Our product is member tested and approved by the National Home and Gardening Club and personaly tested and endorsed by Babe Winkelman in his 350 acre wildlife sanctuary.

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