Deer Resistant Plant Spotted Deadnettle Will Keep Deer Away And Offset Your Garden Mulch

Spotted deadnettle is a very attractive and fast growing perennial that makes a nice ground cover in the garden. In addition, this flowering plant is deer resistant so it will keep the gentle but hungry creatures out of the area. It can be interspersed with hosta and other garden plants that attract deer, in order to keep the animals from chewing on those.

The best growing conditions for this plant are in a partially shady dry spot in the garden that has well- drained soil. However, it will grow in other soil types and moisture levels, as long as the spot is not sunny enough to cause leaf scorch. Spotted deadnettle can be invasive, so it should be cut back after the first blooming season in order to encourage compact growth.

Different varieties of this plant have very dynamic leaf and flower characteristics. The Anne Greenway version has leaves that are a mix of the colors mint green, medium green, silver, and chartreuse. Mauve flowers appear from late spring into early summer each year. Other versions have yellow, silver, or green leaves with pink, purple, or white flowers.

A height of about four to eight inches and a spread up to 36 inches can be expected from this plant. In addition to hosta, spotted deadnettle makes a nice companion for bugleweed, barrenwort, bleeding heart, carex, ghost fern, and Lenten rose. The only maintenance required is cutting back after flowering and fertilizing as directed on the instructions for the plant.

The deer resistant plant spotted deadnettle is a very attractive flowering plant perfect for inclusion in the garden. The pink, purple, or white flowers and eye-catching foliage make for a very attractive groundcover. Using this plant in the garden will deter deer and keep its plant neighbors safe from the hungry animals, while adding a nice focal point.

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