Dwarf Alberta Spruce- An Attractive Deer Resistant Tree

Amidst the typical assortment of deer repellent plants, gardeners can find some deer resistant trees. One of these is the eye-catching dwarf Alberta spruce, an evergreen conifer. This tree grows best in USDA plant hardiness zones three through eight and makes an attractive addition to any yard. It is rarely damaged by deer, making it the perfect choice for areas in which the four-footed creatures are plentiful.

Dwarf Alberta spruces grow about two to four inches per year and eventually reach a height of six to eight feet. They have a shape that so many of us associate with a Christmas tree. The densely-packed, tight growing habit of the green needles provides these trees with a “fluffy” appearance. They rarely need pruning or shaping, due to their slow rate of growth.

These trees do best in mildly acidic, well-drained soil and full sun or sun to partial shade conditions. Common placement within landscaping includes flanking the entrance of a home, providing the area with balance and symmetry. Spider mites sometimes like to attack them so be on the lookout for these creatures and immediately address any issues.

Regular watering is recommended for several weeks after planting. Placing a layer of mulch on the dirt covering the roots will help the soil retain water. Additional watering after this time is not usually required except during extremely hot temperatures. Mother nature should provide this drought-tolerant tree with the water it needs.

The dwarf Alberta spruce makes a nice complement to the deer resistant plants in the garden. If the gardener does not like the initial location, this tree is easily transplantable. When this tree is small, it can be grown in a container, allowing the gardener time to select the perfect permanent spot. During the holidays, it looks beautiful decorated with white or colored lights.

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