Electronic Deer Repellent From Havahart

Elaphurus davidianus in Kadzidłowo

Elaphurus davidianus in Kadzidłowo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The electronic method of repelling deer has become extremely popular. Frustrated homeowners use electronic deer repellent to supplement the natural means of deterring deer. By combining several different approaches to keeping deer out of the yard, a homeowner is usually more successful. Modern-day electronic repellents like those from Havahart are effective without being an eyesore.

The Havahart 5250 electronic deer repellent consists of three electronic posts, cotton balls, and acorn-scented deer lure. The portable posts are wireless, each requiring two AA batteries for operation. The result is a 400-volt electric charge that repels deer harmlessly. Three stakes will provide protection for about 1,200 square feet and the charge is less than that issued by static shock.

Patented technology actually attracts deer within close range, something that is surprising since this product is sold as a repellent. The acorn-scented lure is put on a cotton ball and inserted in the post, drawing deer toward it. When a deer makes contact with the post, the animal receives a gentle static shock. This conditions it to stay out of the yard.

Posts are green and silver in color, making them inconspicuous from a distance. The top of the post is bright red to signify to humans that it should be avoided. The posts are cold and heat impervious and are easy to assemble and install in the yard. They work in the same manner as an electric fence but they do not have any wires.

When used in combination with homemade deer repellent, electronic repellents may not need to do as much work. They are there when needed, attracting the hungriest deer that are not deterred by hanging bars of soap, human hair, or solutions sprayed on plants. After a few shocks, deer will create a psychological barrier that keeps them away from the property.

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