Forget Tulips, Try Planting Deer Resistant Plant Winter Aconite If You Want Bulbs In Your Garden

Some gardeners enjoy planting a bulb garden because it is a relatively low maintenance way to have flowers each year. Winter Aconite is a bulb plant that contains attractive yellow flowers and it also deters deer. It can be planted between flowers and shrubs that deer enjoy, in order to keep the animals out of the entire area.

Winter Aconite does best in areas containing full sun, where it will grow to about four to six inches high. The yellow flowers bloom very early in the spring season and can quickly form clumps. The petals are upturned while the foliage turns down, giving the plant a unique appearance. The leaves fully expand when the flowers have almost completed blooming.

This plant is rarely damaged by deer in most parts of the country, so it makes a good addition to gardens within different geographic areas. In milder climates, the blooms will begin to appear as early as January and they are both frost-tolerant and able to survive snow cover. As the plants start to die down, the gardener should lift the tubers, break or cut them into sections, and immediately replant them in order to propagate the Winter Aconite.

This plant looks very nice when planted near Scilla, another deer resistant plant that contains an abundance of light blue flowers. Scilla plants grow to about the same height as Winter Aconite and they bloom in early spring. These plants grow best in partial shade to full sun areas within the yard.

Using a bulb plant like Winter Aconite will provide some color to the garden early in the year. The yellow blooms appear in late winter or early spring, depending on the geographic climate within the area. This plant will keep deer out of the garden, allowing the flowers to develop unharmed.

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