Fruits And Vegetables That Deer Do Not Like

When keeping deer out of the yard, homeowners often assume that they must stop growing fruits and vegetables. Humans enjoy these, so why wouldn’t deer? Though it is true that deer do nibble on some of these, there are also some considered deer repellent plants and trees. Learning which ones are on a deer’s dislike list can make the vegetable and fruit garden come alive again.

Typically, deer resistant plants, trees, and shrubs are categorized as rarely damaged, seldom severely damaged, occasionally severely damaged, and frequently severely damaged. Apple trees fall into the third category, meaning that very hungry deer may enjoy some of this crisp fruit. However, it is still a safe bet when considering what to include in a fruit garden.

Common pear trees fall into the same category as apples. A gardener may want to intersperse some bushes or shrubs that deer dislike. When thinking about other fruit trees to include, cross cherry and plum off the list because deer frequently enjoy a snack from these. Deer also find strawberry plants quite delectable, so grow them inside.

Asparagus is one of the vegetables that deer will seldom touch. They also dislike onions, leeks,  and garlic due to the strong smell. Squash is a vegetable enjoyed by many people but not by deer so gardeners should feel free to include it in the yard. The globe artichoke is a deer deterrent vegetable due to its sharp foliage.

The growing selection may need to be expanded with foods that are not typically eaten by some people. Try persimmon, date palm, and edible fig because deer do not like these. Prickly pear is a vegetable that deer stay away from because of the thorns. Since super fruits are important to our diet, grow some pomegranates. Deer do not like the sour taste but many people enjoy it.

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