How The Deer Resistant Plant Spider Flower Can Keep Deer Away From Your Garden

There are many plants that deter deer from the garden, but some are more attractive than others. The deer resistant plant spider flower falls in the attractive category. Not only will it keep deer out of the area, it will add some color and attract birds to the yard.

When planted in the garden, this annual is rarely touched by deer and will keep the creatures away from the surrounding plants and flowers. Spider flower plants are ideal for inclusion in landscapes that are prone to damage from deer. Their success at repelling deer is dependent on the local weather conditions and deer populations.

The flowers of this plant are long and waving and they are supported by tall, leafy stems. The blossoms grow in eight-inch balls and the plant will grow to a height of approximately six feet. The colors of the flowers are usually white, rose, or various shades of pink. Hummingbirds in particular are drawn to the attractive blooms. The flowers have a musky scent and make a nice addition to a cut flower arrangement.

Spider flowers should be planted outdoors in the spring. Plants must be placed at least one foot apart because they will often reseed themselves. These plants tolerate both dry weather and heat very well and they prefer either full sun or light shade areas.  They can be planted in almost any type of soil as long as it has good drainage and a neutral pH. Many people plant spider flowers in borders or to line fences. These plants are also commonly found in the landscapes of golf courses.

The deer resistant plant spider flower will serve as a nice focal point in the yard and will even attract hummingbirds. At the same time, this tall plant will do a great job of deterring deer. The blooms may be cut and added to a flower arrangement in the home. The spider flower is truly a multi-purpose plant.

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