How To Tell If There Is A Deer Problem In The Area

Many people deal with some type of animal issues when they have a garden, particularly if they live in a rural area. This is not only limited to rabbits and smaller animals but also much of the damage con probably be attributed to wandering herds of deer. There are a few telltale signs that can point a homeowner as to exactly what is tearing up his garden or landscape.

The first one of course, is looking out the window and seeing deer in the garden. While this may seem obvious to some, there are certain times of day when they will be more prevalent than others. Deer, in particular, go to ground during the hot periods of the day so looking for them in either the early morning or early to late evening is probably the best idea when trying to catch them in the act.

Deer will browse many different varieties of trees and should the damage be in a spot where smaller creatures cannot reach, odds are that that is the problem. Look to the ends of branches, where the leave may have bite marks but could not possibly support the weight of smaller woodland animals. Be sure to exam the bark carefully for rub mark from antlers as this is a good sign deer are prowling about.

Tracks in the soil are another great way to see what type of animals is invading the garden. For those that do not know how to differentiate one set from another, a quick trip online and a brief search will aid them. There are many websites that are fully illustrated as to what type of animal leave what kind of footprint.

By searching out these signs in the beginning of the season, one can arm themselves properly for the fight that will ensue. By arm, it is not meant to be said that a new shotgun is in order but the right kind of deer repellent method be put into place. This can be in the form of a fence, repellent spray or a mixture of both.

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