Illinois Fall Hunting Season Begins

On Wednesday, the Illinois fall hunting season begins with dove and early Canada goose hunting. After that, the hunting seasons will begin to follow one after another. Before long, things will be in high gear for Illinois hunters.

Shortly after the early Canada goose season ends in mid-September, Teal season will begin. October 1 marks the start of both archery deer and turkey hunting. In late October, waterfowl season begins and is almost immediately followed by upland game hunting season. The seasons follow in this fashion, one after the other, until the mid-January end of deer season and subsequent March end of the Conservation order season regarding snow geese.

It is essential for hunters to know when it is legal for them to hunt certain game and fowl. It is also important for those who engage in outdoor recreational activities. They should be aware of when hunters will be  in the local woods. When deer hunting season is in session, they may want to wear an orange vest or hat for safety reasons.

Whether on private property for hunting or recreational reasons, an individual should obtain permission from the property owner before entering the territory. This prevents claims of unauthorized entry or decimation of local wildlife on the land. In Illinois, individuals may hunt animals like rabbits, fox, quail, and pheasants, some of which land owners may wish to have on their property.

Traditional firearm deer hunters can participate in hunting weekends on either November 19-21 or December 2-5. Other hunters should check to see if their hunting season is open during this time. Muzzleloading rifles are permitted from December 10-12 and late-winter muzzleloader, shotgun, and handgun use is permitted during late-winter antlerless-only and special chronic wasting disease season, which occurs from December 30-January 2 and January 14-16.

Source: Young, Chris. Fall hunting seasons get started now.

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