Landscaping With Deer Resistance In Mind

Deer can tear up a piece of property or yard in short order when unchecked. There is a wide range of products available to help keep them from eating vegetables and flowers, but these are normally not the only foliage in the area. There can be an easy solution to this and it just takes a little pre-planning before landscaping a deer-heavy area.

There is a huge selection of plants that deer simply do not like and will avoid eating. These are predominantly ones that do not either smell pleasant to them or taste bitter when chewed. By researching the ones that will thrive in your area, a pleasant garden or landscape can be fashioned that they will avoid.

There will, however, be a need to take some care when selecting these plants as some of the varieties are quite poisonous. The majority of these will only make them ill as they simply will not ingest enough to hurt them. There are, however, smaller animals that could be adversely affected should they eat them.

The perimeter of a yard or property is slightly easier to take care of. Thorny bushes such as holly or thick hedges can help to keep them at bay. Trees can also be found that deer cannot cause a great deal of damage to. Birch, dogwood and firs fall into this category and are easily obtained just about anywhere in the country.

As with the plants, be sure to do some research into which varieties of trees and bushes will thrive on the property. By planting the trees and bushes strategically around the area, deer damage can be kept to a minimum. This forethought, along with the right deer repellent, can make all the difference in the world to keeping the yard or property relatively deer free.

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