Mind Over Matter: Psychological Warfare Against Deer

Deer are one of the most destructive forces known to the casual gardener or landscaper. The furry critter will tear up a yard or garden in record time if given the chance. There are a wide range of methods available to deter the deer from coming in the yard, but what is to prevent them from coming back time and time again?

Deer repellents works great close up. By treating individual plants and trees with any one of these, the deer are instantly put off from ever taking that second bite. This issue with this is that they get to take a first bite and that is what is trying to be avoided. Even by planting things they do not like, they will still enter a yard and browse around, possibly trampling other plants in the process.

Deer have excellent memories and will not return to an area where they have been hurt in any way. No one actually want s to permanently damage the deer but still would like them to stay away. This philosophy has made some interesting ideas come to life in the deer repellent market.

Fencing can deter them in most cases by physically keeping them out but if the yard is too big, the cost may reduce the possibility of this by quite a bit. There are, however, wireless fences available that use an interesting concept to “train” the deer. These fence posts can be placed at intervals around an area that may them less costly that stringing an entire fence around a large piece of real estate.

They emit a sweet odor to attract the deer the zap them with a light electrical shock to chase them off. This, over time, will train the deer that your yard or grove of trees is a “bad’ place for them to frequent. These operate on a solar cell for power so there is no need to run wiring all over the grounds.

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