Online Deer Registration In Kansas

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) is the first state to introduce deer registration using photo documentation. This new process is convenient for Kansas hunters and helps to prevent chronic wasting disease from spreading. Hunters can now report the deer from where they were taken rather than transporting the kill to a check station.

The system can be used during all deer hunting seasons and with all types of deer hunting licenses. The hunter simply takes a photograph of the hunting permit and the deer and transmits it to KDWP via email or the Internet from a mobile phone or computer. The hunter will receive a confirmation number regarding the submission.

Using this system, KDWP can obtain information quicker than if it were supplied via a check station. Hunters can now field dress the deer and take only the antlers, meat, skullcap, and hide. The system also provides evidence of the antlers in a subsequent theft situation. KDWP will have the picture of the deer’s antlers on file and can use it to track down the stolen item.

The fact that the deer can be dressed in the field and the unnecessary parts can be buried helps prevent chronic wasting disease from spreading. According to Lloyd Fox, big game coordinator with KDWP and developer of the reporting system, the risk of spreading parasites and disease increases when a deer is moved. He stated, “We prefer to leave the rest of the items where the deer lived. It eliminates a portion of the way the disease is spread.”

Check stations will remain open for those hunters who wish to utilize them. However, the number of KDWP staff needed to operate the stations will decrease. The hope is that this program will be well-received by hunters and will prevent the spread of chronic wasting disease from the northwestern area of the state.

Source:  Rose, Gale. The Pratt Tribune. KDWP introduces online deer registration.

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