Ornamental Grasses That Repel Deer

Some homeowners prefer the relaxed look of the beach or prairie when they are designing their backyards. They select leafy green plants and ornamental grasses, with a few splashes of color thrown in for good measure. In areas that are inhabited by deer, it is important for them to select grasses that will keep the creatures away, allowing the garden and yard to remain in pristine condition.

Deer repellent plants like ornamental grasses are attractive and effective, while requiring little upkeep. Only occasional weeding, trimming, and a protective mulch cover are necessary to keep the grasses looking nice year after year. Some of these plants are even drought resistant when planted in shady areas.

Blue Fescue is one of the most popular deer resistant plants in the ornamental grass category. It is most commonly found in the northeastern and eastern U.S. Under the proper conditions, it can be used in yards throughout the country. It is best grown in areas containing light shade to full sun, with well-drained soil that is moist. This is a flowering grass, developing light green buds six to ten inches in length.

Feather reed grass and Japanese sweet flat are two other ornamental grasses popular in the northeastern U.S. Purple treeawn, big bluestem, and sideoats grama are available in Texas, while giant reed grass is available in Oregon. Homeowners in North Carolina will find that Japanese silver grass and pink/gulf coast muhly grass are effective at repelling deer.

According to experts, most ornamental grasses are also deer resistant. They are structurally attractive and add an element of movement to the yard. Deer repellent plants like this are perfect for people that do not consider themselves “green thumbs” but still want an attractive yard. They can be incorporated between flowers and plants that deer find attractive, keeping the animals away from the entire area.

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