Overview Of The Deer Gard Electronic Deer Repeller

Keeping deer out of the yard does not need to involve a cookbook of deer repellent recipes and hours in the kitchen preparing these concoctions. Ultrasonic electronic deer repellent devices like the Deer Gard Electronic Deer Repeller work just as well and are easy to install. This product costs about $40 and lasts much longer than homemade deer repellent.

The Deer Guard Repeller is humane and requires no maintenance following installation. An electronic deer repellent such as this keeps deer out of the yard without the use of chemical solutions. When the four-footed creatures move into the coverage area, an integrated infrared motion sensor is activated. Continuous operation can also be selected and is designed for residences with a constant deer population.

The sound technology used by this device is shown to be very effective at repelling deer. Adjustable YardGard sound frequency enables the product to be effective on other creatures like feral cats, stray dogs, squirrels, rabbits, skunks, and raccoons. The tone is silent to humans so neighbors will not be disturbed by use of this repellent.

Keyhole slots on the back of the device enable it to be easily mounted anywhere in the yard. Coverage area is up to 4,000 square feet so only one device will be needed in smaller yards. Homeowners can keep deer and other pests away from the garden, yard, and fields. Farmers use products like this to keep their nurseries and crops safe from nibbling creatures.

With a weight of just one pound, nearly everyone can install the DeerGard Repeller on a post or tree. Electricity costs are estimated at under 25 cents per month and power can be supplied via the 120 volt AC adapter or four C size batteries. During a power failure, the unit will convert to battery power if batteries are installed.

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