Perimeter Protection For Your Plants And Trees

The pride and joy of any home for many people is their garden or flowerbeds. These can bring hours of pleasure tending them and watching them grow to maturity. In an hour or two of unsupervised access, two or three deer can make short work of all the plants and trample down the ones they do not like.

Many people opt for fencing in the smaller areas but when it comes to larger areas or flowerbeds, a fence simply will not do. The larger areas can cause it to be cost prohibitive and flowers beds would simply look silly with an eight-foot high fence surrounding them. The next step is to come up with a working deer repellent of some type for the area and time of year.

There are wide ranges of spray on repellents that work very well. Many only need the occasional application but should be re-applied when a hard rain or enough time passes to ensure their effectiveness. This method works great for smaller areas and individual plants.

For much larger areas, the prudent gardener or homeowner may want to try a granule type repellent. These are simple to use and last for up to 45 days, no matter the weather. By sprinkling a band of this on the ground around the area rather than directly on the plants, a barrier is created to keep the deer and other small critters at bay.

Whichever method is chosen, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully. This will insure that the plants and yard get the maximum protection from each product used. All of these methods may be found easily by going online and doing some research. Be sure to look into which ones may be used for specific types of deer or in particular areas of the country.

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