Recipe: Rotten Eggs…

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From the book Taylor’s Master Guide to Landscaping

Here is a recipe for a popular home made deer repellent: Mix three rotten eggs or a quart of sour milk in a gallon of water. Ad a teaspoon of garlic powder and a teaspoon of finely ground chili pepper. Spray or sprinkle (with a watering can) this mixture an deer-prone plants, renewing it after any heavy rain or at least once a month. Although it’s unpleasant to prepare and apply this mixture, you won’t notice the smell in your garden after it has dried…..

Wow…. I don’t want to be in your kitchen or garage or where ever you prepare this. “At least once a month” … So you have to get the milk and let it rot somewhere. You have to get the eggs and let them rot somewhere. Then you got to buy chili peppers, garlic powder…… Hold on… hold on…. I don’t know about this. Kind of funny don’t you think. Well you never know what people are willing to do. If it works for you go for it. May be it can be lots of fun and laughter preparing this….

The book has a lot of good stuff in it. It talks about “Planting Defensively.” It talks about fencing you can use to protect your garden and many other gardening tips.

You can read an excerpt of the book at Google books. Click here.

If deer is eating your plants and trees, give our professional grade, deer repellent a try. Our product is member tested and approved by the National Home and Gardening Club and personaly tested and endorsed by Babe Winkelman in his 350 acre wildlife sanctuary.

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