Spicing Up Natural Deer Repellent Recipes

There are many great chemical based deer repellent on the market that both work well and are environmentally friendly. Many gardeners, however, still feel the need to move along the all natural approach when it comes to keeping deer and other animals from turning their plants into dinner. The recipes for the natural deer repellents are varied in their ingredients but all have one common thread in that they create a bad taste for the animals.

While the majority of the deer repellents are all based with water, there is a few that uses either cooking oil or eggs. The eggs create a two-fold purpose when used properly in that they help the mix to stick to the plants and over time, the rotten egg smell will also aid in keeping deer away.

This odor, however, can become offensive even to the gardener, defeating the purpose of keep just the deer away. There are other ingredients that the gardener will find a lot less offensive but will still be very effective. This is where common kitchen spices can come into play by adding them into water or cooking oil based mixture.

Cayenne pepper, chili powder and Tabasco sauce are just a few items that can be used for this purpose. This will create and incredibly bad taste in the animals mouths when used in the right amount and also assault their sense of smell. All this is done with a much lower offense factor to the gardener or property owner.

Garlic and onions can also help to serve the same purpose, either by adding them to the mix or simply planting them in the area. There are also garlic clips available for purchase that can be hung around the area, creating an invisible wall of odor to ward off the deer. All these methods work quite well on a variety of deer and are easily found by searching out the recipes online.

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