Spring Has Sprung: Time to Think About Garden Planning

It is that time of year again. Time to get ready for planting season and decide what will be grown in the garden and be harvested throughout the season. Here is where the pre-planning of a garden can help keep damage from the local deer population down to a minimum.

While everyone wants to plant vegetables or flowers in their gardens, a little planning regarding some of the peripheral plants may just reap a big benefit come harvest time. Choosing some deer-resistant plants to add to the mix will have them ready to ward off the deer and protect the produce you worked so hard to grow. These plants are not difficult to select and they can be tended to during the same time as the garden.

Choose some plants that have a naturally repellent odor to deer such as garlic, onion, or even spearmint. These not only keep the deer at a distance but can also benefit the family’s health. Garlic has great health benefits and when grown and harvested naturally, they can be even more potent.

For the flower garden, find something that has a natural taste the deer do not like or choose a repellent that can be sprayed on the plants. Using an odor-producing plant sort of defeats the purpose of fragrant flower gardens and will likely overwhelm the scent of the plants that are there to be enjoyed. There are many spray-on deer repellents that have little to no odor to human senses but send deer packing.

Take the time to do some research online for the many deer repellent plants that are available. Be sure that the plants chosen will actually survive and thrive in your particular area of the country. Once the correct decision has been made and the plants are in place, a sense of relief should set in based on the knowledge that you have done everything possible to protect the garden.

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