Spring Is Upon Us- Time For Deer Repellent Strategies

Spring is just weeks away and the deer will soon be emerging from their forest homes. As the frost burns off the plants and shrubs, people head to the garden store to purchase beautiful spring flowers. Soon, these become tasty treats for hungry deer that have lived on little food throughout the cold winter months. Now is the best time to begin the deer repellent strategy for 2011.

Starting early when protecting the plants is a key step. In early spring, begin spraying plants with homemade deer repellent. Recipes can be found online and these contain ingredients that deter deer without harming them. When the planting season starts, provide the shrubs, plants, and garden with a deer repellent treatment. This will begin protecting the area before the deer pay a visit.

Deer quickly get accustomed to certain smells or tastes but they become timid when a new substance is introduced. Do not just change the brand of a commercial deer repellent, use deer repellent recipes and products that include a different active ingredient. Make this change several times throughout the growing season in order to keep deer away from the garden and yard.

Adding some deer repellent plants to the garden will keep deer away from the other precious plants and flowers. These plants should be incorporated between those that deer find appealing, removing any temptation to take a nibble. This is an especially good method for people who hesitate to spray even homemade deer repellent on the plants.

When thinking about how to deter deer, focus on affecting as many senses as possible. Deer are vulnerable in terms of taste, smell, sound, and sight so target at least two of their senses at the same time. Combining a deer repellent spray with a repellent that is motion-activated, such as a sprinkler, is one effective approach.

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