Swedish Deer Repellent

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I came across this little gem of a recipe as I was surfing the net. It is from www.humseeds.com.  Ed Hume is a gardening guy with a blog.

I have not tried this, yet. It was recommended by another Garden Writer. Hope it works!

Swedish Skewers — Deer-Repellent Cubes:

Mix 2.5 lbs of bloodmeal into one bucket of water.

Add 1 cup of ammonia.

Place cubes of green Oasis (the kind used for cut flowers) on  bamboo stakes or skewers. Dip the oasis into the above “soup” — until saturated. (Somewhat like making Fondue!)

You can check out the his post here and get more details. He also has a lot of gardening information you might like.

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