Sweet Smelling Deer Resistant Plants

With some deer resistant plants, you can keep deer out of the yard while adding sweet smells to the area. These are attractive, fragrant, and very effective at deterring the four-footed creatures. Deer are not harmed when exposed to these plants. They just prefer to steer clear of them due to the smell or other qualities.

The perennial vine Japanese wisteria is perfect for running along a fence, gazebo, or trellis. Sweet-smelling blooms feature colors like blue-violet, lavender, pink, or white. The flowers start at the base of each stem, blooming in clusters. In full sunshine within U.S. hardiness zones five to nine, Japanese wisteria vines can reach a height of 35 feet.

Thread leaf giant hyssops are perennial herbs with a late bloom and nice aroma. They feature stems that reach 24 inches high and salmon or dark orange flowers with purple calyxes. A minty, sweet smell emits from the attractive flowers and gray-green foliage. Deer stay away but butterflies and hummingbirds love these herbs. These are easy to grow in well drained dry or medium dry soils within hardiness zones five to eight.

Carolina allspice is one of the deer repellent plants that grow well in shade, full sun, or partial sun. It reaches about three to five feet tall within zones five to ten. In April, red or maroon flowers appear and last for a month or two. These flowers feature a delicious strawberry smell, with level of fragrance based on seedling variation and weather conditions.

Geranium plants are attractive and feature fragrant foliage that deters deer. These excellent border or ground cover plants grow about nine to twelve inches tall. Dark pink blooms appear in early summer and the green foliage turns red during the fall. Blooms last for a long time, providing a partial shade to full sun area with months of color.

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