The famous “Natural Deer Repellent”

Urine is it. This is from
Christine's Grandparents 25-03-2007 15-49-04 Creative Commons License photo credit: Glen Bowman

Last year we didn’t have a deer problem because we allowed Fido to pee wherever he chose; the front yard, side yard or back yard. It didn’t make a difference as long as it wasn’t in the house. It was a wonderful natural deer deterrent. The upside is that the deer didn’t eat the hosta plants; the downside is that the yard looked like it was a battleground for a serious intergalactic conflict. The dog pee created a plethora of burn spots in the grass

Here is the rest of the story.

If deer is eating your plants and trees, give our professional grade, deer repellent a try. Our product is member tested and approved by the National Home and Gardening Club and personaly tested and endorsed by Babe Winkelman in his 350 acre wildlife sanctuary.

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