Types Of Electronic Deer Repellent

For years, people have been concocting homemade deer repellent and incorporating deer resistant plants in their gardens to deter the four-footed creatures. Deer repellent recipes include pungent ingredients like garlic, eggs, and hot sauce, which can create quite an odor in the yard. Not to mention the fact that no one wants to eat fruits or vegetables treated with these substances.

Electronic deer repellent is a more modern creation that is proving to be effective. Some electronic products are shaped like poles and inserted into the ground. These deliver volts of electricity that harmlessly repel deer. They are often battery powered and sold in sets that provide coverage to the entire yard, keeping deer away on a year-round basis.

These products sometimes use a scented deer lure to attract deer that have wandered into the yard. When the deer comes near the post to inspect it, the animal receives a gentle static shock intended to condition it to stay out of the yard. The idea is similar to that of an electric fence but there are no wires involved.

Other electronic deer repellent products are designed for placement near the protected areas. They contain a motion sensor that triggers an internal radio and flashing light, designed to scare away the deer. The volume of the radio and duration of light flashing can be adjusted. Some of these are able to sense movement up to 25 feet away and in a 110-degree area, day or night.

Sound, light, balloons, and bait are common things included in an electronic deer repellent. Some motion-activated products spray water at deer entering the area. Others use high-frequency sounds that are effective at deterring deer and do not violate noise ordinances. When homemade deer repellent and deer repellent plants fail, consider installing electronic deer repellent products in the yard.

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