Why It Is A Good Idea To Use Deer Resistant Plant Silver Mound In Your Garden Area

In areas where deer are plentiful and like to wander into the yard for a treat, consider planting the deer resistant plant silver mound. This plant will keep deer away from the area in which it is located. The pretty foliage and attractive flowers will also add a nice accent to the yard.

Silver mound grows well in full sun areas and soil that is well drained. It is best suited to areas that are dry and have low humidity. Many deer resistant plants do not flourish in areas of full sun, so silver mound will carry the deer resistance into the areas of the garden that are not appropriate for other repellent plants.

This plant will not spread so it makes a nice addition to the front of a border in order to separate the garden from the lawn. It grows to a height of approximately 12 to 14 inches to a width of about 12 to 24 inches. It has silver-gray foliage that is silky and soft and it grows small yellow blooms.

The foliage of silver mound will last all season and has a nice fragrance. The flowers bloom in mid to late June and since the plant is a perennial, it will re-grow every year. The only maintenance required is a pruning in the early summer in order to prevent the plant from falling open from its center.

In addition to making a nice compliment to the garden and deterring deer, silver mound does well when combined with other perennials in containers or tubs. Since it does not spread, it can be planted in tight spaces like a border area or pot.  Deer will avoid the area where the silver mound is located.

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