Electronic Deer Repellents Can Be A Great Solution

Deer can pretty much ruin a garden or property in no time flat when left unchecked. Gardens are easily protected by using spray on repellents or simply putting up fences, as the areas are normally relatively small. What do you do if the area is a bit too big for a fence to be cost effective?

This is where electronic deer repellent methods come into play. These can keep deer and other animals away from a piece of property and require little to no maintenance while in use. The majority of these use some type of sound to scare the animals away without causing them any physical harm.

When shopping for these, look for ones that use multiple sounds instead of a single tone. Deer and other animals will be desensitized to a single sound, eventually ignoring it altogether. This is why gunshots and pyrotechnics only have a short-term effect on the deer. Once they are used to a sound, they simply do not give it a second thought.

There are quite a few varieties of the electronic units that have a good range of sounds to choose from. By selecting a system that allows for custom programming, you can find a selection of noises that work and the repellent unit can alternate between these while in use. The majority of the electronic repellents will run on either 110V or 12V DC which will allow them to be placed almost anywhere on a piece of property.

The electronic deer repellents can be a great option when it comes to covering a large area. There are some pieces of property that can simply not be protected by using any other method than that of a fence. The fence, however, can likely cost a whole lot more than any electronic method available.

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